Imitation wood and special high-quality film finishes

Our steel panels with imitation wood surface on the outside have a realistic wood character, while more specific film finishes, including Renolit, Hornschuh, and Techprofil, are diverse and suit nearly any requirements.

The key benefits of this panel with imitation wood and special film surface:

  • Outstanding thermal performance
  • Anti-trap protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Wood character with accurate details
  • Maintenance friendly and durable
  • Resistant to scratches and UV light
  • Extensive range to help you personalize your door!

The following versions of the imitation wood panel are available:

Lichte eik middenprofilering (M12)
Light oak medium profiling (M12)


Donkere eik middenprofilering (M13)
Dark oak medium profiling (M13)


Rustieke eik middenprofilering (M11)
Rustic oak medium profiling (M11)


Mahonie eik middenprofilering (M14)
Mahogany oak medium profiling (M14)

















Technical information (IMITATION WOOD)

Medium profiling Imitation wood and special high-quality film finishes - Medium profiling

Imitation wood surface with one horizontal U-shaped line in the centre

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