High-speed doors for specific business applications

High-speed doors that make all the difference

High-speed doors comprise a solid-shutter door surface that rolls up and down at high speed.

These super-fast roller doors are often used in companies where the movement of air needs to be minimized due to the need to prevent major changes in temperature or for hygiene reasons.

Zelfherstellende snelrolpoort met flexibele onderbalk
Self-repairing high-speed door with flexible lower bar

Reasons to choose a high-speed door:

  • Many uses in all sectors
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Energy-saving
  • Available as a self-repairing version with flexible lower bar
  • Equipped with frequency-controlled motors for maximum operating convenience
  • Available in various standard colours and with a range of accessories
  • The shutters satisfy stringent quality requirements, such as those applicable to the food industry, cold stores, cleanrooms, and various other industrial applications
Snelroldeuren in transportgedeelte van koelruimte
High-speed roller doors in the transport area of a cold store
Snelroldeuren met full color print in voedingswarenbedrijf
High-speed roller doors with full-colour print in use in a food company
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