Our steel panels with a FLAT surface on the outside reflect contemporary architectural style.

The key benefits of this panel with FLAT surface:

  • Outstanding thermal performance
  • Anti-trap protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Symmetrical, sleek, and minimalistic
  • Elegant appearance
  • Particularly attractive in bright, friendly colours
  • Perfect for both classic and modern façades
  • A special flat version is available in country and pastoral style: flat vertically profiled with a decorative frame, decorative windows, etc.

The following versions of the flat panel are available:

  • Non-profiled (M5)
  • Profiled (M2)
  • Medium profiling (M15)
  • Top profiling (M8)
  • Vertically profiled (M19)
  • Non-profiled 60 mm (M60)

Technical information (FLAT)

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Medium profiling Flat - Medium profiling

Flat surface with one horizontal U-shaped line in the centre

Non-profiled Flat - Non-profiled

Flat surface without horizontal lines

Profiled Flat - Profiled

Flat surface with horizontal V-shaped lines

Vertically profiled Flat - Vertically profiled

Flat surface with vertical V-shaped lines

Top profiling Flat - Top profiling

Flat surface with one horizontal V-shaped line at the top

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