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Guarantee on sectional doors

Warranty for private doors

Miba extends a warranty of two years from the invoice date on all private doors and automation systems.

This warranty can be extended to ten years on private doors if a maintenance contract is concluded with Miba for the entire period.

The benefits of concluding a preventative maintenance contract for your door:

  • Periodic maintenance by professionals keeps your door in optimal condition
  • Any damage and wear can be identifiedpromptly and repaired
  • If your door works properly, it will last longer!

Maintenance contract for private customers

Enquire about a maintenance contract for your door here (private residence)

Maintenance contract for companies and communal access doors

Enquire about a maintenance contract for your door here (companies, residences, car parks, etc.)

Configure the details of your door

It takes just a few clicks to put together an image of your future door.

You can do this with a photograph of your own façade of with an example façade from this range!

Indicate your preferences using the configurator, and you’ll quickly see the results of your creativity!

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